Module Lexer

module Lexer: sig .. end
The lexer for Mezzo.

type error 
The abstract type of lexer errors.
exception LexingError of error
A lexer error can be thrown by the function token.
val init : string -> unit
init filename must be called before using the lexer.
val token : Ulexing.lexbuf -> Grammar.token * Lexing.position * Lexing.position
token is the main entry point of the lexer. It produces one token or raises LexingError.
val print_error : Buffer.t -> Ulexing.lexbuf * error -> unit
print_error displays a lexer error.
val print_position : Buffer.t -> Ulexing.lexbuf -> unit
print_position displays the lexer's current position. It can be used to build a syntax error message.
val p : Buffer.t -> Lexing.position * Lexing.position -> unit
p displays the position that is passed as an argument. It can be used to build (say) type error messages.