Module Driver

module Driver: sig .. end
This module sets up a lexer and a parser to create an AST.

type run_options = {
   html_errors : bool;
   backtraces : bool;
val add_include_dir : string -> unit
val process : string -> TypeCore.env
process doesn't catch exceptions. This is useful for tests that want to assert that a test program failed in a certain way.
val run : run_options -> (unit -> 'a) -> 'a
run runs the specified function and prints any error that may pop up.
val print_signature : Buffer.t -> TypeCore.env -> unit
print_signature prints out (in order, and in a fancy manner) the types that have been found in the file.
val interpret : string -> unit
interpret is a driver for the interpreter. It evaluates the specified file, as well as the files that it depends upon, in an appropriate order.